Squeak Virtual Machine port for FreeBSD

There are Squeak Virtual Machine's FreeBSD ports.

I add features below:

  • Better FFI support (send-pr:94058)
    • You can run Croquet image using 3.9a-7 VM , but not enough tested.
  • Better Squeak Web Browser plugin support (send-pr:92757)
  • Option can select using menu dialog
  • Japanese input support using XIM (and install Japanese images ;-)

How to use


Extract ports skelton below and change directory squeak/. Type "make".

> tar zxvf squeak-VMversion-yyyymmdd##.tar.gz
> cd squeak/
> sudo make

If you make first time, dialog for select options appears. Please select options as you like.


If you want to change options after, plase use "make config".

And install to type "make install".

> sudo make install
Last modified: 2006-05-01
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