Function | Show a table of each section data

You can create a table from data embedded as CSV format in each section.

The first section is recognized as variable names (column names).


You can embbed your data in a page.

Date,Type A,Type B, Type C





You can create a table of Section "**" (default).

DateType AType BType C

You can specify which section you use (e.g. "***").


Also you can specify another "data embedded" page.

{{secdb(**, FrontPage)}}


Functions list

PluginDiary | Diary plugin
You can create a diary page.
PluginDiary_ja | 日記プラグイン
album | Album plugin
Show attached images in a window.
backup | Show Backup pages
You can see backup files.
basic | Basic plugins
Simple and Basic plugins.
calc | Calicurator plugin
You can sum numbers by simple table.
christel | Takigawa Christel plugin
You can embed Takigawa Christel image.
chronology | Chronology of site
You can see when the pages are created and updated.
comment | Comment plugin
You can show comment field.
counter | Counter plugin
You can show a conter for the page.
describe | Description of functions
You can see the description of each functions of qwikWeb.
embed_html | Embed HTML plugin
You can embed bare HTML in the page.
files | Attach file function
You can use attach files onto pages.
graphviz | Graphviz plugin
You can make a graph.
include | Include plugin
You can include other page.
list | List editing plugin
You can edit a list in the page.
member | Member control function
Member control.
menu | Menu plugin
You can show a pull down menu.
monta | Monta method plugin
You can hide a part of text by using JavaScript.
password | Set password plugin
You can lock a page by a password.
plan | Sharing plan plugin
You can show the plan of the site.
presen | Presentaion plugin
You can show the page in presentation mode.
qrcode | QR-Code plugin
You can input QR-Code to the page.
qwikweb | qwikWeb functions
You can see brief descriptions of qwikWeb functions.
sample | Sample plugins
These are sample plugins.
schedule | Input your scuedule plugin
You can input your schedule.
search | Search plugin
You can show a search form.
secdb | Show a table of each section data
You can create a table from data embedded as CSV format in each section.
sitelog | Show SiteLog
You can see sitelog of this site.
smil | Video editing plugin
You can control the timeline of the video.
style | Style plugin
You can specify styles of the page.
summary | Show summary of a target page
You can include summary of target page.
table | Table edit plugin
You can edit a table in the page.
takahashi | Takahashi method plugin
You can do your presentaion in Takahashi method.
textarea | Textarea plugin
You can show a simple textarea field.
textformat | TextFormat
You can see the text format of qwikWeb.
textformat_simple | TextFormat
You can see brief description of text format.
theme_list | Theme list
You can see theme list.
typekey | TypeKey login
You can login by using TypeKey authentication.
webservice | Web service plugins
You can use several external Web services.
wema | Post-it plugin
You can put post-it notes on the page.
wysiwyg | WYSIWYG editing mode
You can edit a page in wysiwyg mode.
Last modified: 2009-04-04
Post-it: New Post-it (help)

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