Function | Embed HTML plugin

You can embed bare HTML in the page.


This is <font color='red'>red</font>.
This is red.

Allowed elements

You can input allowed elements only.

valid tags

div h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 p blockquote pre ul ol li dl dt dd table tbody tr td span a em strong del b i img plugin hr sup sub font iframe br

valid attributes

href src alt method param align border hspace vspace style color size marginwidth marginheight frameborder scrolling width height clear

Another example


You can embed html like this.

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4
Header 5
  • List 1
    • List 2
      • List 3
  1. Ordered List 1
    1. Ordered List 2
      1. Ordered List 3
Pre-formatted text.

This is a quoted text.

A writable Web system.
An easy-to-use mailing list management system.
Table 1-1 Table 1-2 Table 1-3
Table 2-1 Table 2-2 Table 2-3

EmphasisStrongDelete new ならなら Yahoo!


<PLUGIN param="1" method="recent"></PLUGIN>

You can also embed plugins like this. There are some exceptions for the plugin.

Functions list

PluginDiary | Diary plugin
You can create a diary page.
PluginDiary_ja | 日記プラグイン
album | Album plugin
Show attached images in a window.
backup | Show Backup pages
You can see backup files.
basic | Basic plugins
Simple and Basic plugins.
calc | Calicurator plugin
You can sum numbers by simple table.
christel | Takigawa Christel plugin
You can embed Takigawa Christel image.
chronology | Chronology of site
You can see when the pages are created and updated.
comment | Comment plugin
You can show comment field.
counter | Counter plugin
You can show a conter for the page.
describe | Description of functions
You can see the description of each functions of qwikWeb.
embed_html | Embed HTML plugin
You can embed bare HTML in the page.
files | Attach file function
You can use attach files onto pages.
graphviz | Graphviz plugin
You can make a graph.
include | Include plugin
You can include other page.
list | List editing plugin
You can edit a list in the page.
member | Member control function
Member control.
menu | Menu plugin
You can show a pull down menu.
monta | Monta method plugin
You can hide a part of text by using JavaScript.
password | Set password plugin
You can lock a page by a password.
plan | Sharing plan plugin
You can show the plan of the site.
presen | Presentaion plugin
You can show the page in presentation mode.
qrcode | QR-Code plugin
You can input QR-Code to the page.
qwikweb | qwikWeb functions
You can see brief descriptions of qwikWeb functions.
sample | Sample plugins
These are sample plugins.
schedule | Input your scuedule plugin
You can input your schedule.
search | Search plugin
You can show a search form.
secdb | Show a table of each section data
You can create a table from data embedded as CSV format in each section.
sitelog | Show SiteLog
You can see sitelog of this site.
smil | Video editing plugin
You can control the timeline of the video.
style | Style plugin
You can specify styles of the page.
summary | Show summary of a target page
You can include summary of target page.
table | Table edit plugin
You can edit a table in the page.
takahashi | Takahashi method plugin
You can do your presentaion in Takahashi method.
textarea | Textarea plugin
You can show a simple textarea field.
textformat | TextFormat
You can see the text format of qwikWeb.
textformat_simple | TextFormat
You can see brief description of text format.
theme_list | Theme list
You can see theme list.
typekey | TypeKey login
You can login by using TypeKey authentication.
webservice | Web service plugins
You can use several external Web services.
wema | Post-it plugin
You can put post-it notes on the page.
wysiwyg | WYSIWYG editing mode
You can edit a page in wysiwyg mode.
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Post-it: New Post-it (help)

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