むとうたけし(MUTOH Takeshi)@Kansai * BSD Users Group (@610t)

Who is むとうたけし (MUTOH Takeshi)?

  • House keeper
  • 610t: "無糖ティ (MUTOU-TEE)" means "tea without sugar".

I am interested in ...

  • BSD OS: FreeBSD (PR), OpenBSD, NetBSD, (macOS?)
  • Education: Scratch, Squeak, ...
  • Smalltalk: Squeak, Pharo, Seaside, VisualWorks...
  • Some port maintainer: lang/squeak, ...

Kansai * BSD Users Group (K*BUG)

  • K*BUG is Kansai regional BSD Users Group.
    • Of cource, welcome from anywhere!!

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What is Scratch?


Scratch 1.4

What is Scratch?

  • Block based programing language for educational purpose.
  • Message passing, Object Oriented, parrallel, asynchronous
  • Communicate with physical world: SensorBoard, Remote Sensor, WeDo, ...

Scratch 1.4: old release

  • Based on Squeak 2.8 (Smalltalk).

How to play

/usr/share/scratch is hard coded at Scratch.image

  • Work around: sybolic link from /usr/share/scratch to ${PREFIX}/share/scratch
% ln -s /usr/local/share/scratch /usr/share/scratch

Scratch Remote Sensor Protocol

  • Remote Sensors Protocol can use only Scratch 1.4.
  • Very simple protocol using TCP/42001
  • 2 messages
    • broadcast msg: send msg to every node
    • sensor-update var1 val1 ... : global variable update

Demo at booth

Scratch 2: current


Scratch 2

Scratch 2: current

  • Web browser based on Flash.

How to play

Scratch 3: future


Scratch 3

Scratch 3: future

  • Based on Node.js.

How to play

% git clone
  • Install Javascrpit libraries. Ignore errors.
% cd squeak-vm
% sudo npm install
% npm start

Future works

  • CogVM : New squeak virtual machine with JIT.
  • Split image and squeak virtual machine at FreeBSD port.
  • Port WeDo 1.0 plugin for Scratch 1.4.
Last modified: 2017-03-12
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